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Our Services


As a trained professional in business since 1993, I have seen it all and will provide invaluable help in turning you into a more knowledgeable consumer in the real estate market. Our inspection services include:

Pre-purchase Home Inspections – Our primary service is the pre-purchase residential inspection, and my goal is to provide you with a quality, comprehensive report of the conditions of the property systems. I am trained to identify problem areas both small and large that the current owners may not be aware of, and can identify which require immediate attention. With my vast building background, I can also discuss general information and considerations regarding remodeling, repairs, and additions.

Pre-listing Inspections
– Whether you are selling your home on your own or using a real estate agent, having an inspection before you sell is always a smart idea. As a seller you can know the condition of the systems of your home before you put it on the market. You can decide which concerns you want to address before they become issues to a buyer. You can provide the report to the prospective buyer, going far beyond the normal property disclosure. And you can minimize any surprise if the buyer has his own inspector come through your home.

Construction Progress Inspections
– My years of experience as a hands-on builder have provided me with invaluable knowledge of correct building practices from start to finish. County inspectors inspect for code compliance – I inspect for quality construction from the studs on out. This relatively inexpensive inspection protects your investment, prevents unpleasant surprises and ensures the completion of the quality home you have dreamed about.

New Home Inspections
– Since I have been on the receiving end of new construction punch lists, I am also able to compose a detailed list for you to give your builder that not only reviews the major systems but also documents cosmetic flaws. I know what is possible for a builder to do for a buyer, and I know when a buyer is making requests beyond the builder’s capabilities or control. That said, your new home should be close to perfect, and I can help you see that it is.

Warranty Inspections
– Most builders provide a one-year warranty for new construction. Let me take a critical look at your property in ways that you do not, and with your input, I will produce a punch list of items that will most likely be repaired by your builder at no cost to you. You will be reassured knowing that potential problems were addressed before they grew into something that could cost you a great deal down the road.

Commercial Inspections – I have ITA training and experience in the inspection of commercial buildings, including procuring experts in specific fields as necessary. Larger commercial buildings sometimes take multiple days, and the report is available within a week of finishing the inspection itself.

Expert Witness – I am available to provide expert witness testimony and have experience providing this service at trials and depositions.

Radon Testing
– We are listed with the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), meaning that we test for radon according to EPA protocol and keep our certifications current through classes and testing. We use electret ion chambers as our primary testing devices and are able to read them on site (after 2-7 days testing period) during the inspection. When more detail is desired, we also have available a Femto-Tech Continuous Radon Monitor.