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Here are some comments from recent clients:
Mrs. G. writes,
"Thank you so much for your professionalism and detailed inspection report. Your speedy service and attention to detail meant a lot!"
Jeremy F. writes,
"You guys were fantastic yesterday. Darwin is a true pro and I am glad that I worked with him."
Russ D. writes,
"Thank you very much for Darwin's thorough and professional home inspection. I also immensely enjoyed talking with Darwin - I admire and aspire to achieve his energy conservation standards."
David B. writes,
           "Thank you for the update on the roof and for the great job uo did! We are very satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend your service. We also liked the easy to understand report with the pictures for reference. Thanks again!.

Rosalee S. writes,
Thank you very much for the professionalism with which you did the home inspection and the radon testing for us. Your notes are clear and understood.”
A real estate agent writes,
“Thank you!! (My buyer) says that you were amazing. She was very happy with her report and the service that you provide. Kudos!!”
Laura G. writes,
“Thanks for doing a fantastic job on the inspection. I also appreciate Darwin’s patience and suggestions.”
Marjorie H., purchasing new construction, writes,  
I just read the entire report and am gratified with all the information it provides – both positive aspects of the home and the things that still need to be completed by the builder prior to closing…Although I spent hours in the house with and without the realtor, I never noticed some of the items Darwin noted….the language is clear and the builder will know exactly what Darwin means….Thank you for your contribution to the team that is making my purchase a sound one…You have definitely earned your fee.”
George R. writes,
"It was good seeing you today. Thank you so much for the great report. Your opinion of the property means the work to us. Thank you!"
George S, after a pre-listing inspection, writes,
“I have read the complete report you left and I must say it is very thorough and complete. As you probably guessed, I had my own mental list of items that needed attention, and, while the inspection revealed no real surprises, there are items that I hadn’t thought of, and your input as to the importance of doing this or that was really helpful.”

Kimberly C. writes,
We are very pleased with the in-depth, timely, and useful report which you did for the property we are in negotiation for….We are always willing to refer (our) clients to excellent resources…Please feel free to forward some business cards which we will keep at our office.

Mark E. writes,
Darwin, your inspection report was wonderful. It is thorough, informed, and easy to read and understand. Thank you very much.”

Sue B. writes,
“No questions! The report was very clear and allowed us to easily make decisions about what we wanted done before closing. Thanks so much!”

Victor F. writes,
“Thank you, Darwin. I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the inspection and I appreciate all of the explanations you provided. It was really helpful.”

Gus L. writes,
“Thank you so much for the inspection today. The information and instructions you gave us are going to be so helpful as we consider how to renovate the property. …Your professional expertise in highly valued.”

Danni S. writes,
We will recommend Insight to all of our friends!”
And another agent writes,
“Thank you so much for your speedy service! Will recommend you to future clients.”